The Official Page For ‘Draft Zero’ | The Screenplay So Far


Welcome to the page for the ‘not quite first draft’ of the first TSSF screenplay. You can download it, print it out and read it in your own leisure. You can also massively overhaul the thing if you wish to. Whatever it is you want to do with it, let us know.


Below you can find the treatment that Bram had (very quickly) thrown together for the Draft Zero episodes.

Ex-mercenary ALBAN lives a quiet life with his dog (named DOG) in Morecambe, a coastal town in the UK. His quiet life is interrupted when The FIGURE bursts through his door, knocks him out, sets the place on fire and steals the address of a very important person: GINNY. ALBAN and DOG set out to get to GINNY in Sheffield before the FIGURE gets there.

GINNY is 15-years old, she is a jujitsu prodigy at JOE’s Gym (her mentor and closest friend), and she’s an orphan. Her foster family is good to her, even during GINNY’s hardships. They recently had to move across the city due to some unforeseen financial setback. The new place is faraway from JOE’s gym. And to add to that, GINNY has gotten into a fight at school. She didn’t instigate it (she would never), but she did however beat the instigator into the hospital. Seeing as this isn’t her first fight at this school, they temporarily expel GINNY.

Today is GINNY’s first day back and everything immediately goes awry. First she has to sit through a session with her counsellor and then, a little while later, she’s unfairly sent out of class. When GINNY refuses to leave (knowing the repercussions will be immense), the teacher antagonises her. Her teacher eventually resorts to dragging her out of class, which isn’t the best idea knowing GINNY knows jujitsu. Needless to say, GINNY runs out, leaving the knocked out teacher on the floor.

Meanwhile, ALBAN and DOG arrive in the city by bus and retrieve GINNY’s new address by being sly to a Foster Centre employee. They head off to get her.

At home, she runs into her dad and her mom who start questioning why she’s not in school. GINNY evades the questions and locks herself in her room. The shouting continues, through the door. Then: two muffled gunshots. Silence. GINNY freezes up.

ALBAN arrives at GINNY’s apartment complex. He stumbles upon the crime-scene. Her foster parents are dead, but GINNY is nowhere to be found. He promptly leaves to find her elsewhere. (probably by having DOG smell a piece of her clothing, but that’s currently not in the screenplay, I think.)

GINNY is tied up in a basement. She’s held by the FIGURE, a scary looking fellow with tattooed black eyes. He calls a number, mumbles and then heads out to get cigarettes. During that break, ALBAN and DOG miraculously show up and free GINNY. They steal a car and head off.

In the car, ALBAN gives her a note with an address, in case they get separated. Then ALBAN needs to stop at a gas station. GINNY bonds with DOG, which is immediately undercut by the FIGURE showing up. GINNY and DOG can get away, but ALBAN gets killed in the process. They run through the highway underbelly and end up at JOE’s gym, her safe space.

Then, two detectives: WINSLOW and LARKIN. WINSLOW is a hard-boiled cop, a few weeks away from retirement, LARKIN the young eager one. Think: Se7en’s Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt. They are called onto the crime scene at GINNY’s apartment complex. There, a witness mentions a man and a dog, but hasn’t seen the girl. Then the detectives hit the second crime scene: the gas station. Here they deduct: The dude kidnaps her, then goes for gas, then gets killed the same way as the parents. Things don’t add up.

JOE finds GINNY and DOG in his apartment above the gym and takes them to the police. At the station we meet CLEMENT (the chief of police) and the two detectives (WINSLOW and LARKIN). Nobody has any idea of what’s going on, and have no way to further the case, so JOE and GINNY are sent back to JOE’s apartment under 24-hour police surveillance. And, you’ve guessed it, the FIGURE shows up.

The trio (GINNY/JOE/DOG) go on the run through the city lead by JOE. Via an old acquaintance of JOE’s (a coked up dealer by the name of FLIP) they attain the address of SHORTY, another old acquaintance of JOE. The life JOE turned his back on years ago is now faced head-on in order to survive. SHORTY is a lot less giving and refuses to be a part of this trip down memory lane, until GINNY cuts in with her side of the story. Out of empathy (and recognition: SHORTY knew both ALBAN and the FIGURE, it seems) he gives them a car to escape the city.

They’re not even on the highway when, you’ve guessed it, the FIGURE shows up. JOE tells GINNY and DOG to run like hell and don’t stop until they’ve found a club named Paradise. After an eventful run through the downtown area, they find Paradise and hide inside. A little while later they’re joined by a badly hurt JOE and another acquaintance from a life lived ages ago. The trio gets a night in the attic, but only a single night. GINNY feels bad about dragging JOE down the rabbit hole like this and makes her own plan while looking at ALBAN’s address. The next morning, GINNY buys herself a ticket to go to the address ALBAN gave her, leaving JOE behind.

WINSLOW and LARKIN are notified of GINNY’s absence and decide to check out the burnt down house of ALBAN. Now both paths have the same destination. But the troubles aren’t over quite yet.

GINNY might’ve bought a ticket for herself, but not for her DOG. And so, she gets kicked off the train 60 kilometres away from Morecambe and reluctantly continues on foot. After many steps taken, she takes a break at an unmanned gas station where she meets HENRY and his cop car. HENRY offers her a lift to get her closer to Morecambe more quickly, to which GINNY (AGAINST BETTER JUDGEMENT) agrees. She very quickly figures out HENRY is not who he says he is. When the car turns onto an abandoned-looking road, a fight ensues. It is then DOG who saves GINNY’s life. And after a quick passing out, they hop into the cop car and drive to Morecambe.

Cut to: Morecambe. WINSLOW and LARKIN walk back from a café, coffee in hand, when they stumble upon the cop car in front of ALBAN’s burnt down house. Here, in the backyard, they find GINNY and DOG. There’s nothing there. No clues, no leads, no nothing. They’ve hit the proverbial wall. So, they all agree on breakfast. Here, back at the café, WINSLOW bonds with GINNY. They compare notes. Though GINNY is reluctant to tell WINSLOW about all her trauma, she does mention HENRY and his location.

And then, you’ve guessed it, the FIGURE shows up. A fight ensues. GINNY and DOG escape, LARKIN dies tragically and WINSLOW is left knocked out. GINNY reaches the cop car she arrived in, but the car won’t start. Then the FIGURE finally catches up.

WINSLOW comes to, runs down to ALBAN’s burnt down house and finds the cop car. GINNY is nowhere to be found, but when he opens the door, DOG runs off somewhere. WINSLOW then makes a phone-call to CLEMENT. He decides to go back home. But not before he’s checked out HENRY’s body. There, in that dark forest on that abandoned road, he finds that HENRY still has a burner phone on him. He calls in the body (and a trace on the phone) and heads back home. During his drive back the burner phone rings. When WINSLOW picks up, he finds himself being scolded for not delivering the girl, until the voice halts and realises they’re not talking to HENRY. The voice belongs to BERNARD, who then owns up to his mistake and awakens his boss from her slumber to tell her they’ll probably have to leave soon.

Back home WINSLOW interrogates the FIGURE, who, after dropping off GINNY, wrapped himself around a tree. Exhaustion. WINSLOW gets nowhere in this interrogation, but does get the coordinates of the trace: the ISLE OF MAN. After a little worried back and forth with CLEMENT, WINSLOW decides to finish what he has started.

He drives all the way back to Morecambe where he finds DOG sitting at the harbour. A willing skipper takes them to the shores of the Isle of Man where DOG’s nose takes them to a giant mansion. Cars are parked in front, people are hauling boxes into them, and more commotion is happening. WINSLOW and DOG decide to check it out closer.

Meanwhile, up in the mansion, GINNY watches as her friends arrive when suddenly an older lady walks in. This is GLENN CLOSE (we never got around giving her a name, so we decided to keep naming her GLENN CLOSE), a philanthropy mogul with a lot of power. She invites GINNY to think about where they’ll be living, while GINNY is trying to figure out why she’s there in the first place. They have a stand-off (GINNY curses a lot, GLENN CLOSE doesn’t like that), after which GLENN CLOSE is being called away by BERNARD to meet with ‘the detective downstairs’.

While WINSLOW interrogates GLENN CLOSE politely, DOG sniffs around the antechamber they’re held up in. GINNY, at the same time, strolls through the hallways and stumbles upon a peculiar room. Downstairs, DOG smells the scent of the captive on GLENN CLOSE’s hands and gets aggressive. GLENN CLOSE gets away and orders BERNARD to deal with the situation. BERNARD does so with an old rifle he takes from the wall. Then upstairs, she finds GINNY in the peculiar room with ALBERT, her donor. GLENN CLOSE explains that she’s sick, that she needs help and that GINNY can provide that help. GINNY, of course, refuses, tries to get away but is captured by the guards. Downstairs, DOG overpowers BERNARD, WINSLOW takes the gun and they start looking through the mansion for GINNY. WINSLOW finds her being hauled to the car and decides to intercept the further kidnapping with a bullet. GINNY frees herself from her captors and runs off.

Then there’s a scene on a cliff, with GLENN CLOSE and GINNY facing off, but we haven’t written that yet.

And that, dear listeners, is the screenplay so far.