We’ll See (Our 50th Episode Spectacular) | The Screenplay So Far

We’ll See (Our 50th Episode Spectacular)

2 years ago

This is our 50th episode. A cause for joy! An occasion to celebrate! And we’re doing so by announcing our hiatus. After next week’s Off Script, Ron and Bram will take a little time off, to regain some perspective and recollect their thoughts. We will be back, don’t you worry about that, we’re just simply unsure about the capacity or shape or form in which we will return. So, for now: we’ll see.

In this episode we discuss the creative process, its difficulties and the pressures of creating content for the internet.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please let us know via thescreenplaysofar@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. We love you, goodbye (for now)!